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Graphic Design Grab Bag

Watertown, MA

Like many designers, I enjoy the every-now-and-again unscheduled projects that offer the opportunity for creative exploration. In my experience, these often take the form of graphic design assignments with few constraints and a lot of freedom to play. The following images show assorted digital and print materials designed while I was at Sasaki Associates.

Infographic Identity for Sasaki Strategies

How to define Strategies, the internal think tank slash software development group slash planners-turned-inventors at Sasaki? I created this series of illustrations to explain what, exactly, Strategies is about, and how the group's constant drive to invent new ways to catalyze the decision-making process translates to some prolific creative output. The concept was to turn into an interactive visualization, showing the recombination of pieces, that would act as the gateway to longer explorations of each tool.

Design Dialogues Poster

"Design Dialogues" is a lecture series hosted at Sasaki, meant to inspire, share stories, and give a platform to the many different voices in the office. I designed the Fall 2012 poster, which circulated digitally and in print.

Holiday E-card

Designed as a digital invitation to the Sasaki holiday party, this piece was meant to provide some visual fun as users scrolled through their email.

Waterworks Park

The Waterworks project proposed to transform the existing Des Moines waterworks to an exciting ecological park: "Welcome to the Water, Wild, and Wonder of Water Works Park: a dynamic public park that respects and reveals the power of water in Des Moines, Iowa." I contributed visual design and illustrations to the Water Works Park team for their winning 2011 competition entry.