Bon Me Food Truck(s)

Graphic/Environmental Design, User Experience


Designing for Vietnamese-Inspired Cuisine in Boston

Boston, MA

Find a Bon Me Food Truck on the streets of Boston.

Starting in 2011, I designed the identity and exterior wraps of the Bon Me food trucks, a winner of Boston’s “Food Truck Challenge” and purveyor of delicious Vietnamese-inspired street food (the name is a play on “banh mi”). Patrick and Ali launched their business with a great sense of fun, and the design followed a playful theme. Their now six(!) trucks—one yellow, one blue, one red, one orange, one green, and now one pink—are designed to evoke fresh, bright flavors, and to bring a pop of color to the gray Boston streets.

In addition to the Bon Me food trucks, I also designed their logo and identity, truck and restaurant menus, cup and to-go box packaging, t-shirts, and business cards. Recently I contributed environmental graphic design to their first brick-and-mortar restaurant, in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

The goods

When we made the first yellow truck, we had no idea the business would grow as much as it has.